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Many thanks to those who sent me these pictures from all over the Nation. This page is dedicated to those who work so tirelessly to prevent animal abuse/neglect and for those animals that we were unable to save in time.

Please be patient and wait for the page to load.  It is obviously graphic intense.

chow1.jpg (60197 bytes)  chow2.jpg (81088 bytes)
In this case this chow was basically left in backyard of house and ignored/starved to death,, Picture 1 is how I found dog,, Picture 2 is at vet, shaved to show emaciation. This dog owner was found guilty of cruelty, fined, and suspended jail sentence, community service.  (VA)

doby1.jpg (81446 bytes)  doby3.jpg (124827 bytes)
These pictures of a Doberman were taken in VA.  The owner was taken to court where she admitted that she kept the dog in these conditions, but couldnt understand what was wrong with that??  Owner found guilty of neglect and fined.

dinner anyone?
This and the two next pictures were all taken when several animals were seized from a "hoarder" or "collector".  These are very typical conditions in which these animals are kept.  Thanks to monkeymom for submittal. (MO)

Nice carpet!  Typical hoarder Ferrets in filthy cage 

Can we do this to the owners?
This dog, along with three others in similar shape and condition were found chained in this backyard.  Special thanks to Monkeymom for these pics. (MO)

We received this call as an injured dog that had been hit by a car three times.   The officer took the dog to the veterinarian immediately who suspected that the older dog had developed quite a large tumor over it's eye and when she was hit by the car, the tumor exploded.  It was hard to believe that this dog was actually up and walking around!  She was however euthenized to spare her any further pain. (MO)

This cat was doused with a flammable liquid and then set on fire.  She ultimately had to be euthenized to spare her from her misery.  (MO)

This is what happens to animals when someone becomes a "collector".  This cat had severe flea dermatitis.   So severely she had to be euthenized. (MO)

hershey.jpg (27096 bytes)  This dog, left tied and forgotten to a tree in the backyard where children played was severely malnourished.  Notice food and water dishes empty and forgotten by the owner.  The dog was taken and later euthenized because the dog could no longer digest food. (MO)

  This dog is scarred from old oil burns he had received.  (AL)

   This dog had a shoestring tied around his neck as a collar since he was a puppy and was never removed.  Below the first injury is a second one where a wire coat hanger was also used later on as another collar.   (AL)

  This dog's leg was intentionally burned because the owners were tired of the dog barking.  Some lesson.   (MO)

A dog was found to be tied to a fence on this leash that didnt even extend two feet.   The picture next to it was the condition of the water/food bowl left for the dog which hadnt had anything in it for some time.  Notice the fecal accumulation around the dish.

Old English Sheepdog  After grooming, Maddie weighed a heartbreaking 24 pounds.
This is a sweet Old English Sheepdog.  Her hair was so matted, the animal control officers feared she would have open wounds under the coat so she was taken to a groomer to be shaved.  To the astonishment of the animal control officers,,, this is what they found....(MO)

  This dog was found to have several open sores all over its body that were infested with maggots.   The dog was euthenized.

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